Organization Among the Chaos


Holistically serving Emergency Physicians in these areas

Investment Management

Coordinating all of your investment portfolios and determining a strategy that will meet your goals.

Financial Planning

Start by organizing your financial life, then show you where you can go with your money.

Tax Prep & Filing

Tax isn't a transaction to us. We plan year-round and handle all filings when the time comes.

Business Planning

From payroll and quarterly filings, to strategy and business development, we handle it all.


Investment Holdings

Our investment management philosophy is rooted in long-term investment strategies that incorporate the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory. We focus on capturing asset classes globally at a low cost, investing in accordance to our client's goals and risk tolerance, and taking advantage of tax saving opportunities when presented.

Core Beliefs
  • Risk and return are related.The cost of capital is the expected return. In order to achieve higher expected return, you must take a higher degree of risk.
  • Successful investing is best achieved over the long-termby implementing a clearly defined investment policy and focusing on total return.
  • Markets work.Investor returns are determined principally by asset allocation decisions, not market timing or stock picking.
  • Broadly diversified investment portfolioscan reduce risk and secure capital market rates of return.
  • Discipline helps avoid fear and greed.It also helps to maintain the investment objectives agreed upon between the client and advisor.
  • Costs make a difference.Simple.


Physicians Servicing

Financial planning encapsulates anything and everything money-related in our client's lives. We take pleasure in organizing an oftentimes untidy financial picture. Then, once organized, we have meaningful discussions with clients about what they want to achieve with their money. Using that information, we give direction accompanied by probabilities of success each direction has on achieving particular goals.

The Three Pillars of Planning
  • Wealth Enhancementaims at maximizing your wealth in all ways possible, from investments, to cash flow and any other opportunities that present themselves.
  • Wealth Protectionfocuses on protecting your wealth from potential creditors, litigants, and unforeseen circumstances, such as death and disability.
  • Wealth Transferintends to find, facilitate, and execute the most tax-efficient way to pass assets to succeeding generations.


Returns Filed

From a simple 1040-EZ to the most complex business tax returns, we handle all of it. But we are more than just a tax filer you meet with once a year; we implement year-long tax planning strategies so that when it comes time to file, we know we've positioned our clients to capture all available deductions for their specific circumstance so the fewest dollars legally possible get sent to the IRS.

IRS issues? We help with that, too.

Dealing with the IRS or State taxing bodies is a pain. Don't go in it alone—oftentimes we can help reduce or eliminate liabilities by putting together an organized presentation on your behalf. If not, we will work with you to efficiently and effectively pay down the liability.


Practices Servicing

We work with small businesses to optimize their processes so they can keep their focus on earning income. That involves tasks like handling the books, setting up and administering payroll, filing all relevant Federal and State business tax filings, and especially establishing retirement and benefit plans.

Tax strategy that can save thousands

At no cost, we determine the most effective taxing classification for your business. The options are numerous—sole proprietor, disregarded entity, partnership, S Corporation, and C Corporation. Each has a specific advantages and disadvantages that truly need to be analyzed to ensure you are protecting you and your family from potential bad business dealings while saving money on taxes.

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